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Are there Mac and Linux versions available? Or should I compile from source myself instead?

I have never compiled it on mac and I know there will be many issues to resolve. I will build one when I get a mac.

Figured I might provide some insight, as I have built the game on Mac from source. Haven’t noticed any particular bugs, even on the upcoming Ventura release. The only thing that I noticed was weird was the display scaling when turning on HiDPI; however, this is more of a Godot problem than this specific game’s problem. I found that doubling the window’s size for macOS fixes this particular issue, using the feature override system.

Why are there many impossible medium difficulty problems randomly generated

This is intended. If you have played the challenge in the original game, this should be pretty straightforward and easy to understand.

If you have not yet played the original game: Impossible puzzles are only generated in the "select 1 in 3" parts where there are 3 horizontally aligned puzzles with similar elements, but only one of them is solvable and you need to find which one is solvable and solve it to proceed.

Are you going to make a Discord server for this fan-game? I'd have some levels I'd like to share. They're very terribly easy


You can join the witcup server


Can you update the link? The link seems to be expired. 



Hey can you post an indefinite invite, I'd love to join and help create puzzles!


I just learned how to create an unexpired one. Here is it:

I think you should add a thing that add the capacity of the line in the "Cosmic Express" level parts.

Love all the references. This does a good job of building off the original but it does an awful job at introducing elements from it. You should ask people to play the original first. If they have, they'll have a blast.

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Thanks for the feedback. The spoiler warning screen was added in the V1.02 update

Will this compile on a linux?

A Linux build is possible but I do not plan to maintain a Linux version (you can directly compile it from the source code if you have Godot)

I dont understand the rules. Why is there no explanation whatsoever?

It is supposed to teach you through levels instead of text, like in the original game.


I dont know the original and although I'm good with logic, the game failed to teach me by itself ;)

Where can I find the original?

Here you go :)

I'm posting a Let's Play video. Very well done and I enjoyed the game!

The only thing that confused me was the Tetris judging rules for ghosts. 

Why is it incorrect in this screenshot?

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Thank you for playing. We hope you can participate in future witcup events.


Thanks for reporting! It is a bug as the regions are not correctly calculated after we updated the puzzle validator. It affects all ghost puzzles.

It has been fixed in version 1.01, please download the updated version above. Thanks again for the bug report.

I think it's fixed. Thanks for the quick action.

I can't play my level, the game is too massive

Also, any chance of keyboard controls?

Currently no, since irregular boards are hard to draw with keyboards


Would you mind marking the download as being an executable for Windows? It won't work in the itch app without that.

Good point. I think I have fixed it.